Horse nutrition of the future!


Minerals and vitamins already included!
With Methionin and Lysin!


  • Improvement in muscle developement,specially for the horses back
  • Performance potential increased
  • Relaxing and loosening of the horse in general
  • Athletic ability improved
  • Perfect supply with minerals, natural Vitamin E, essential fatty cids, natural iron, amino accids, electrolytes
  • Perfect supplement with grain and hay: for 100 g Power-Balls you have to feed 250 g oats less
  • Feeded in competition stables with great success
  • No Doping!



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Nutrition Facts:
Digistible raw proteins 11,5% raw fat 9,0%, raw fibres 4,45% raw ash 4,5%,
digistible Mj: 14,3,
protein-energy proportion 1 : 8

Dependant on health and general condition of the horse
and it’s requirements 150 g - 300 g daily


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