To optimise the natural metabolism Natural Biotin feeding


Hoof + -Coat Fit

Natural Biotin

  • Improved hoof quality
  • Better hoof elasticity
  • Reduction of brittle hooves
  • Improvement in the growth rate of the hooves
  • Superior coat achieved
  • Used to treat horses with troubled metabolism
  • Ideal for sensitive horses as regular, long term food supplement
  • No negative side effects
  • No Doping!

Dextrose, herbal mixture (nettles, birch leaf extract, dandelion - radix cum herba, thistles, yeast). vegetable oil, banana extract, magnesium trace

Nutrition Facts:
Raw protein 12,5%, Raw fat 8,55%,
Raw fibres 5,3%, Raw ash 4,9%

6 tablets daily as required
or as a regular daily supplement 4 tablets daily


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