Healthness for your horse!


Herb Tablets



  • Natural nutritional supplements with herbs
  • Improved balance in co-ordination with natures own recipe
  • Perfect and easy dosage, compact effective ingredients
  • 17 years of developement and further research
  • Tested in performance stables
  • Free from dope




                  • cough
                  • nervousness or stress
                  • problems with joints and tendons
                  • troubled metaboism
                  • natural biotin
                  • colic prevention


Our products:    
Broncho Fit - Cough sweets
Relax - To strengthen the nerves
Joint Fit - For healthy joints and tendons
Hoof+Coat Fit - Feed natural biotin - healthy hoofs and coat
Bowel Fit - Protect the intestine of the horse



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