Our Goal:

A healthy horse and a satisfied horse owner!

The rapport between man and horse is a sensitive balance composed of many things, that can be disrupted by various factors. The health of the horse is an elementary factor - only a healthy horse can provide a basis for a happy partnership and give pleasure to it's owner. We have concerned ourselves with the well being of the horse in general - specialised in the direction nutritional and diet related problems of the horse and created solutions to these deficiencies based on natural ingredients. Most of the ailments of the modern horse are "man made" - through incorrect feeding methods - either an unbalanced diet in general or insufficient vital minerals and trace elements. Our food supplements and treatments provide the horse with all essential vitamins and minerals that it requires on a natural basis. Processed naturally without damaging the vitamin contents of the ingredients - the horse is able to digest the feed, absorb the vitamins, minerals and trace elements more effectively which leads to an im- proved metabolic rate and overall ability to regenerate supplies to the nervous system, muscles and bones. Using synthetic, processed ingredients is in itself a burden for the horse's natural mechanism. A healthy horse on a balanced diet shows it's appre- ciation with it's improved performance potential and dynamic, motivated behaviour.

Horses accept horsewellness feed supplements and actually enjoy taking them - they even see them after a short period of time as a treat! The positive results can be seen after only a few weeks in the overall standard of health, appearance and also the character of the horse - a healthy horse is a happy horse!

horsewellness products can be used to treat the following conditions or symptoms:

  • Muscle developement
  • respiratory related ailments
  • Joints, tendons and bones
  • Skin and hair
  • Hooves
  • Building up of muscles
  • Nervousness and stress associated symptoms
  • Improvement of the metabolism
  • Digestive disturbances


horsewellness also has a series of products/treatments corresponding to the feed supplement range, based on natural ingredients that can be effectively converted for the best results in the care, feeding and treatment of your horse. As there are no processed, synthetic ingredients and preserves many disorders can be prevented and existing ailments cured.

Horsewellness "Care" products may be applied to the following:

  • Respiratory related problems
  • Skin and hair
  • Muscles
  • Joints and tendons

Of course all products in the  horsewellness range are sure and certified free from doping!




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