Improves the general health and intestinal flora


Bowel Fit


  • Colic Prevention
  • Optimise nutritional values by horses with digestive problems
  • Treatment for horses that tend to suffer with colic
  • Healthy intestinal movement
  • Useful by horses with nervous stomach
  • Better utilisation of food content
  • Ideal for sensitive horses as a long term food supplement
  • No negative side effects
  • No Doping!



Herbal mixture (tormentill, melissa, thistle). dextrose, vegetable oil, banana extract, magnesium trace

Nutrition Facts:
Raw protein 8,5%, Raw fat 8,8%,
Raw fibres 5,65%, Raw ash 5%

Daily as required 4-6 tablets,
dependant on state of health and work burden

Expert tip:

The horses intestines are sensitive and subject to stress, just as are own. Especially in Autumn and Spring - the important balance and micro flora can be disturbed through the influences of stress, weather related changes such as change of coat and can cause various problems - all of which are not immediately obvious to the naked eye. Not only can the appearance and skin and hair appear lifeless and unattractive - what we can't see, the internal organs, are also affected by this lack of vitamins and trace elements. This can cause colic attacks particularly at the time of the change of coat. Other undesirable side effects and consequences of bad feeding are a lack of appetite, fungal diseases, parasite attacks, allergies, skin problems - excema, hair loss in general and cracked heels. These symptoms - all unpleasant take time to heal - time and money can be saved by feeding the correct vitamins, minerals and trace elements at the right times and in the correct quantities. It is the responsibility of every horse owner to ensure that their horse receives the correct ingredients for a healthy life - these important trace elements, vitamins and minerals are of course in natural herb form superior to those synthetically produced - not only because of the difference in price - the results speak for themselves!

Natural substances are easily accepted and digested from the body as synthetic ones - they are more easily absorbed and act quicker and influence the cell function in a positive manner so that the general metabolism of the horse is optimised and the change of coat, for example, is taken within the horses stride instead of being a burden. horsewellness  has developed Bowel Fit to build up a horse, it's natural resistance to ailments stress related symptoms and diseases on a purely natural basis. Valuable herbs used in Bowel Fit clean the intestines and improve the general health and intestinal flora.

Bowel Fit - because your horse is worth it




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