Healthness by natural feeding!


The increase in illness, disease and infections in young horses is an undesirable fact that we are confronted with daily. This sad fact is confirmed through the growth of horse clinics within Europe - increasing at an alarming rate and with more patients than they can deal with!

Well spread ailments ranging from respiratory problems, to chronic lameness, back and muscle problems are to name just a few of the reasons why horses are withdrawn from riding sport at an early age, before reaching their prime and optimal performance level. Other symptoms such as a lack of motivation, lack of energy, allergy related symptoms, excema, poor coat and digestive disturbances are also on the increase. Instead of having pleasure in keeping a horse - modern day horse owners are constantly being confronted with problems related to the method employed in keeping a horse, should the horse be kept in, let out, how long should the horse be allowed to graze, day or night, what food should be given, what supplements and treatments are necessary, how often should my horse be exercised, and for how long?

The question of feeding is not a simple one and plays a large role in the general health of the horse as it does by us too. The Marengo© feeding concept eliminates the factors within a conventional diet that are a burden to the horse's metabolism. As we recognised the oncoming increase in inefficient diet and feeding plans we have been able to develop an effective feeding plan over the last 17 with success. The Marengo© feeding plan for horses gives you the information required in order to feed your horse correctly and most importantly effectively. Through systematic planning you will be able to eliminate the risks involved when feeding synthetic feeds or supplements that only act as a burden on the horse's general well being. Your horse will show his appreciation in an improved performance and healthy appearance.

A healthy horse is a happy horse!


Feeding Plan

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