Best treatment for the limbs!


Athro Gel

Successful treatment for joints and tendons


  • Treatment for tired legs
  • After infections
  • Ideal treatment for splints
  • Increases the regeneration
  • Apply before or after work
  • Prevention of injuries by greater work burden
  • Works on a completely natural basis
  • No doping!


Alcohol based gel with herbs and birch extracts, free from Isopropanol

Rub in daily before and /or after work



Tip from an expert:

Proved on a nutritionally based scientific research process, better results are achieved through the application of herbs than in the feeding of calcium based supplements when treating ailments of the joints. Through the treatment with herbs, the horse and it's metabolism are stimulated to work in co-ordination with the minerals supplied (as opposed to mussel or calcium additives). The natural elements come to the fore and regenerate the lacking vital substances that exist and are developed within the body - the process is supported on a natural basis, without interfering in the overall general metabolism which is often a negative side effect of conventional forms of supplements currently available. Important dosage of magnesium alongside the calcium within the herbs contained and silicic acid improve the bones and joint capsules. Bioflavin contained in horsewellness Joint Fit - strengthens the energy conversion of food supplement to supply the vital organs with the correct balance of vitamins and minerals. In addition to Joint Fit, as a feed supplement - the daily use of Athro gel brings the best results in the shortest matter of time.




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